Totally Secure Florida Woman Gets Third Boob, Demands Reality Show

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  • UPDATE: It’s probably fake

    Unfortunately (Fortunately?), we’ve all likely been brought in by a not-even-terribly-clever hoax. According to Mashable, Jasmine Tridevil’s real name is Alisha Hessler, she has not booked any appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live or Inside Edition, and is probably making the whole thing up:

    Most damning in Hessler’s story is an incident report from Tampa International Airport, obtained by WTSP 10 News in Tampa. The report, filed by Hessler after her baggage was stolen, contains a list of the items she had lost. One of the items: a “three breast prosthesis.”

  • This is America, dammit! If a woman, in Florida no less, wants to get a third breast surgically implanted between her two real breasts, then she should be able to do it without rampant and unwanted speculation from us, the media and general public.

    Oh, wait. That’s exactly what she wants? Lots and lots of attention? Well, in that case, I will totally write a 200-word blog post about it. Thanks for clarifying.

  • Sheldon


  • Okay, so this is Jasmine Tridevil and she is pretty open about wanting to be famous for getting this third breast. She’s going on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Inside Edition soon and is pitching MTV on a reality show, presumably about the boob, though her other boobs and herself, of course, would appear in it as well.

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    Tridevil argues, however, that the third breast is not an attempt to get media attention. She says she wants to appear less attractive to men since she’s sick of dating.

    I hear you, girl. Who can stand the pressure of having to turn down sooo many date offers? It’s so tiring. I’d much rather spend $20,000 on a fake mid-chest boob instead.

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    MTV: The ball is in your court. Just watch the above video — okay, you’re six seconds in, so STOP WATCHING AND PICK UP THE PHONE!

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    The whole thing is very confusing. She doesn’t want to appear attractive, but she still wants to feel sexy. But, why would Ms. Tridevil think having a third breast makes her less attractive to men? Our society’s only experience with the tri-breasted is in 1990’s Total Recall and it’s literally the first thing that any guy thinks of when you mention that movie!

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