Key & Peele Nearly Come To Blows Over Text

By Jonathan Harris
As we all know, cadence in text messages can be very tough to judge.
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    Have you ever been texting with someone and wondered, “What do they mean by that?” Or, read the text “Sure, I guess I’ll see you there” and thought “Is that ‘I GUESS I’ll see you there” or “I guess I’ll see you THERE”?

    Yes, we’ve all had this dilemma, and one of Key & Peele’s latest sketches shows just why conversations via text message can be a very bad idea.

    Of course, at least in this sketch, Key & Peele both respond to their texts immediately, instead of waiting for 13 hours and then being hit in the face with an “Mk”

    Right, Suzie Petersen?? RIGHT?!?!