The Supreme Court is MUCH More Interesting When Reenacted By Dogs

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    Cameras aren’t allowed inside the Supreme Court, which you’ve probably noticed from your hours of prime time C-SPAN viewing. But, all Supreme Court sessions are recorded. So, John Oliver and his team at Last Week Tonight did what we should have all been doing for years: dressing up dogs, giving them fake paws, and re-enacting the thrilling audio we have from the court’s cases.

    The result is a hilarious mash-up of a recent case involving the treatment of Muslim inmates who don’t want to shave their beards. The dogs selected perfectly match their Supreme Court namesakes. (For example, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is played by a four-eyed Chihuahua.)

    Now, it’s the Internet’s turn. Last Week Tonight has posted all of their doggie footage. They want you (that is, us) to take the footage, download Supreme Court audio, and get busy with it.

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    Someone — please do this with with the classic Sean Hannity-Alec Baldwin radio argument. I beg you.

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