All art must fold in upon itself.
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    Source: www.lememe.com

    Cue the Inception horns. This is what art is like in modern day America. I’m not complaining, mind you. I’m just stating what we all know — this one work will be viewed more times and scrutinized more intensely than any new piece of art this year in New York or Paris.

    I’d also like to point out that, even though both men pictured have been famous for over 20 years, the image could not have been received with the same verve and vigor at any other time than in the Buzzfeed era. Nobody would have been interested in this if Ice T and Ice Cube were only rappers.

    It’s only now that their fame has brought them into ridiculous roles in television and advertisements that we feel like they can be used as suitable puns for our momentary gratification.

    So, yes, this piece of art will be seen more times than even “Starry Night” this year, but it will be dismissed just as easily, one of a dozen tabs in Google Chrome skipped over to read the first paragraph of an article in The Atlantic or to watch another catcalling video response, or to click “Maybe” to a Facebook invite that you will definitely not be attending.

    Even if the creator of this becomes known, you will likely never know his or her name. It belongs to all of us. Nothing is owned or created by a single person anymore. The Zeitgeist is its author.

    This is the perfect piece of art for 2014.