Matthew McConaughey Gets Catcalled And Groped on TV

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    Matthew McConaughey was on Live with Kelly & Michael today to promote his new film Interstellar, but it took him awhile to get into his seat, as you’ll see.

    As soon as he walks through the door, middle-aged women begin grabbing and kissing McConaughey, even forcing him into photos while he’s just supposed to be walking to the stage.

    Now, I know that #NotAllMiddleAgedWomen do this sort of thing, but we have to take a stand, dammit! When America’s 45-year-old oft-shirtless hunks can barely walk into a talk show without being harassed, it’s time to take notice.

    (Note: The preceding is a playful comparison to recent street harassment videos and parodies. The author does not believe that what happened to McConaughey in any way resembles the pervasive harassment that women face in their daily lives. That being said, you can still feel free to send him hate mail.

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