Snoop Dogg Smoked A Fat Blunt With This Welsh Farmer (in 2011)

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    Welsh farmer Ian Neale has set several world records for growing large vegetables. His crops have been awarded the honors of “Britian’s Largest Carrot” and the “World’s Largest Swede” (which we in America call a rutabaga).

    The most unlikely fan of his achievements? Snoop Dee Oh Double Jizzle, who invited Neale to come to one of his concerts, where they, according to the farmer, got higher than a motherfucker.

    All of this happened back in 2011, but it’s making the rounds again because of the inclusion of the Dr. Dre song “The Next Episode,” featuring Snoop Dogg, that has been included to make Neale like a real badass.

    Watch the original 2011 interview below:

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