This Guy Is Driving His Coworker Sangay Insane

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    Phil Jamesson is terrorizing his coworker Sangay Diki in the form of daily heckles which he sends out on Snapchat. According to LinkedIn, Jamesson is an Executive Recruiting Specialist / Account Manager at New York-based Andiamo Partners, a technology staffing company.

    That sounds pretty dull, right? No wonder Jamesson has to take breaks every now and then to slide his chair over to Diki and scream in her face that he’s got a bad case of the Mondays.

    Now, I did my research for this in-depth exposé of the video, and I learned that Sangay Diki speaks four languages! Why is she messing around with this fool? Oh, right. Because she works a desk job and has no choice.

    Poor, poor Sangay.

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