Late Night Last Night: Here’s Your Late Night Talk Show Roundup

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  • You couldn’t have watched all the late night shows last night! That’s okay, though, because the Internet takes the bits and pieces you need to watch and cuts out all the boring interviews and stuff. Here’s what happened on late night TV last night:

  • Box of Lies with Channing Tatum

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    What’s in Channing Tatum’s box? (They make this joke at least a half dozen times during this segment.)

  • Do You Have What It Takes? Episode #2

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    Jimmy Kimmel has a new American Idol-style talent show, called “Do You Have What It Takes?” Of course, they’re not looking for talent. They’re looking for “it.”

  • The Daily Show – Signs of Anarchy

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    Jon Stewart mocks the Minneapolis gang sign controversy. (Note: The Comedy Central video player is not embedding properly on our site. That’s why we’ve got this version on YouTube.)

  • Adam Pally’s Epic Vegas Poop Tale on Conan

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    Why you should eat healthy in Las Vegas…

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