Anderson Cooper Gets Pranked On Air By Coworkers

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  • Anderson Cooper Had No Idea His ‘Ridiculist’ Was About Him

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    Anderson Cooper is reading the teleprompter when he realizes that his coworkers have pranked him on air for his “Ridiculist” segment. Anderson starts talking about “coworker crimes” and notices that the video of a workplace crime being committed is in his own office. All over a crazy expensive basil scented candle and unwashed jeans.

    Cooper goes on to read his coworker’s thoughts on what his office’s candle might smell like, while explaining why he got the candle in the first place. At least Anderson got the candle because he thought that it was going to actually make working with him more enjoyable. What was the worst workplace “crime” you’ve ever seen? Leave your stories in the comments below or tweet us @WhatsTrending!

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