Australian TV Host Wears Same Suit Every Day And Nobody Said A Damn Thing

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    Australian host of Today Karl Stefanovic noticed consistent criticism leveled at his co-host Lisa Wilkinson based on what she wore and her general appearance. To prove a point about sexual politics, he wore the same Burberry knock-off suit on the air for an entire year, give or take a few days for dry cleaning.

    In what must have been surprisingly even to the most plugged-in feminist, nobody said anything. No online comments, no outrage, no speculation. Just that same blue suit every single day. What does Stefanovic think about it?

    “No one has noticed; no one gives a shit.”

    If only people could have the same level of respect and not give a shit what Wilkinson wears. I think we all know how unlikely that is.

    You win, Karl. You win.

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