...and here's what we learned.
  • Genius Andy Baio is a genius. I don’t know why he has them all, but he ripped 10 different films from the 90s about the thrilling new technology called the Internet. The videos all agree: the Internet will be a very exciting tool for elementary school students who are looking to do reports on dinosaurs or John F. Kennedy. Here are some highlights:

  • Internet Power! Volume 1 (1995)

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    So many educational resources, it required a two-part series!

  • Olympia School District’s Technology Program from 1995

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    Featuring Olympia High School’s very first web page!

  • The Internet Show (1995)

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    What do you mean you don’t have to be a computer supergeek to take a spin on the information superhighway?

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to stop doing all work and watch these videos for the next eight hours. Watch them in all their glory on Andy Baio’s “VHS-Era Internet” playlist.