Bill Cosby 1969 Stand-Up Bit Details How To Drug Girls’ Drinks

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  • There can be very little doubt now, even if we discount the rampant speculation that comes with criminal allegations, that Bill Cosby abused women at some point in his life, and very likely repeatedly, over a number of decades.

    The number of women speaking out against Cosby has steadily risen — there are 14 now, according to Vox — and the comedian and television star himself has declined to comment, even allowing seconds of awkward silence during an interview with NPR’s Scott Simon.

    Yesterday, the Village Voice published an article featuring an old stand-up routine from Cosby, where he details the use of an aphrodisiac named Spanish Fly to lure girls into bed.

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    This is from Cosby’s ninth comedy album, It’s True! It’s True!, which has been available on Warner Bros. Records since 1969 and on YouTube since September 2012. I’ve done some research, but can’t find any evidence that this material caused outrage in 1969 or at any time since. Only now, with the rape allegations against Cosby dominating public discourse, are his words being heard with new ears.

    Here’s Scott Simon talking with CNN about his interview with Cosby. (There’s nothing funny about this story, though I couldn’t help but laugh when CNN’s Joe Johns started talking about Internet “mims.”)

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