Fearless Hero Darren Wilson Describes His Fight Against Demon Monster Michael Brown

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  • Darren Wilson spoke with ABC News’ George Stephanopolous for 90 minutes yesterday, in his first public interview, not just since the St. Louis grand jury decided not to indict him, but since he fatally shot Michael Brown back on August 9.

    In the interview, he describes his version of the confrontation with Michael Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson, how Brown yelled at him and tried to grab his gun, how Brown fought with the power of the 1980s most powerful fake wrestler, and how he (Wilson) had no other choice but to shoot Brown six times.

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    It’s worth noting once again why there is such outrage over the grand jury’s decision. In order to indict, they do not have to believe beyond a reasonable doubt that Wilson acted inappropriately. The bar is much lower to indict. Really, all you need is any indication that the events don’t go exactly as he describes, such as the 181-page testimony from Dorian Johnson, where he says that Brown never spoke to Wilson before he (Wilson) backed up his vehicle, coming within inches of hitting them, where he says that Wilson grabbed Brown and that Brown never punched Wilson or reached for his gun.

    It’s a bit of a slog, with meticulous detail paid to the robbery of the convenience store pre-shooting, but if you want to have any reasonable, well-researched opinion on this matter at all, you have to read the full testimony:

  • Dorian Johnsons Testimony Before the Grand Jury by dankois

    Brown’s parents, Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. were interviewed this morning on the Today show and were remarkably asked about their role in inciting violence rather than their reaction to Wilson’s interview. After the grieving parents were forced to deny their involvement in sparking violent protests in Ferguson, they got to reach to the words of their son’s killer.

    “It’s like insult after injury,” McSpadden said.

    They appeared on CBS This Morning as well, and McSpadden again responded to Wilson’s interview:

    “I don’t believe a word of it,” she said, and later, “They’re wrong. They know they’re wrong.”

    Watch the full interview on CBS This Morning:

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    Wilson, of course, has the right to go on television and say whatever he wants. But, he will, and should, always have to answer for his actions and explain how so many witnesses discount his version of events. He should have to explain how this “demon” who was continually punching him in the face could produce such meagre wounds?

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    The only way Darren Wilson’s narrative makes sense is if he is secretly Wolverine. It also only makes sense if he can curve space and time to allow for bullets to enter into the underside of Michael Brown’s arms if he is not putting his hands up, as Wilson claims he was not.

    Forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht explains how Wilson’s version of events is not possible, given the wounds sustained by Brown.

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    Wecht describes Wilson’s story as “an absurd scenario.”

    Once again, the grand jury decided not to allow a trial. Wilson will not be cross-examined. He will not be shown the evidence of where the bullets entered Michael Brown and asked to explain them. He gets to go home and spend Thanksgiving with his family.

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