Connor Franta Comes Out To His Audience

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  • Coming Out

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    In his latest video, former Our 2nd Life member Connor Franta, came out as gay to his audience. Connor says that it was because of the internet and all of his life that he exposes to it. Franta says that he’s always had a recurring thought that he could be gay, to the point of obsession in his sophomore year in college.

    2014 was undoubtedly the biggest year for Connor’s career, and he’s decided to embrace everything that he is, and no longer wants to hide this part of himself from his audience. The best part of Connor’s video is the end, where he states that this coming out video isn’t different from any of his other videos. That it’s just another video where his audience gets to know a little bit more about his life. It’s without a doubt that I say everyone here at What’s Trending is so proud of you for sharing this part of your life, Connor. 2014 was amazing for you, and we’re glad it was as great career-wise as it was personally for you. Here’s to many more amazing years, we’re excited to see where your journey takes you!

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