Last Day To Donate To Decrease World Suck!

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  • Project for Awesome 2014!

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    That’s right, we’re down to the last 12 hours to donate to this year’s Project For Awesome pool of funds. So be sure to make your way over to their Indiegogo page and donate what you can for some awesome perks! For only $6 you can be sent a secret video of John and Hank Green having a dance-off to Taylor Swift’s hit single “Shake It Off!”

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    Wanna know what your favorite YouTubers looked like before they were taking over the web? This year’s Project For Awesome calendar features childhood photos of some of your favorite Tubers! LOOK AT BABY TYLER OAKLEY! Don’t you just want that on your wall in 2015?!?!

  • 20141210094804 imperial afflicton2


    Fans of John Green’s “The Fault In Our Stars” can get their own copy of Peter Van Houten’s “An Imperial Affliction.” It’s a pretty awesome piece of the movie to have, even if it’s the same four pages over and over. Now you’ll get to highlight and underline Van Houten’s words just like Hazel did!

  • Let’s all help make this the biggest Project For Awesome ever! You can click through the widget above, or click here to donate!

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