Old People Hate Kim Kardashian

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  • Source: YouTube

    In case you missed it because of your New Year’s hangover, and because of your post-New-Year’s New hangover, here’s the Fine Bros doing what they do best: getting a rise out of a demographic who know very little to nothing about what they’re seeing. This time it’s about Kim Kardashian’s #BreakTheInternet photoshoot that went viral late last year and made waves in all media outlets.

    Some notable quotes from the elders, who come out as a voice of reason for all of society in this, include:

    “She’s very well-known for her tush.”

    “Her big claim to fame seems to be that she had a baby and got married… lots of people can do that.”

    “Am I attracted to it? Yes. Should I be looking at it? No!”

    “To me, it’s nothing much. It’s just a girl without clothes.”

    “I think it’s offensive no matter whose butt that is.”

    “We are in the era of the big butt.”

    So check out the video and decide what you think about Kim Kardashian after seeing people wiser and more experienced than you are reacting to photos of a half-naked socialite who everyone’s decided is an idiot. But a famous idiot, with a really great marketing department. Enjoy.

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