Macho Man (Finally!) Joins WWE Hall of Fame

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    I hope they serve Slim Jims in Heaven, because this calls for celebration. WWE has leaked word that they plan to induct the late, great Macho Man Randy Savage into their Hall of Fame tonight during “WWE Raw.” Word is that the announcement will be made by none other than Savage’s most iconic partner (and, later, opponent, cause this is pro wrestling), Hulk Hogan. Uh… brother.

    The former WWE Champion, Intercontinental Champion and WCW Champion has been anticipated for a Hall of Fame spot since his sudden death in 2011 from a heart attack. Just last month, wrestling superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin had confronted WWE Chairman Vince McMahon about securing the Macho Man a Hall of Fame spot.

    And just in case you’re not 100% certain this honor is richly deserved, please enjoy the following iconic rant as evidence.

  • Macho Man Randy Savage – The Cream of the Crop

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