It’s Happening! Netflix Has Released The Trailer For “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

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  • Tina Fey? Ellie Kemper? Netflix? Doomsday cult? So far, so good!

    30 Rock buddies Tina Fey and Robert Carlock are teaming up again to co-produce this comedy gem. Ellie Kemper plays a young women just rescued from an underground bunker where she thought she had been hiding from an apocalypse for the past fifteen years. So now she has to reintegrate into the twerking, texting modern world. It’s fun and bright and certainly has the potential to be something fantastic. And thank god it’s on Netflix and not ABC, who danced with it for a while. Down with major networks! Up with non-restrictive creativity!

    I am so excited for what this could be, but names like Tina Fey have a lot to live up to. Kemper has proven her comedy chops on The Office and in Bridesmaids, but can she bring it again? I think so! Hurray for smart, talented women in television!

    The series premieres on March 6th. Get into it.

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