Bud Light Targets Millennials With 35-Year-Old Video Game

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  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    It’s kind of tough for Bud Light to adequately surprise someone these days, since someone handing you a Bud Light and asking if you’re “up for whatever” is fairly indicative that something wackadoodle is about to happen. Last year, Uber riders who said they were “up for whatever” (also: “down for whatever”) got treated to a huge party on a Bud Light boat. One guy even played ping pong with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    So, when that happens, the person who is up (or down) knows something is up (just up, down doesn’t work there). The guy in Bud Light’s Super Bowl XLIX commercial gets put into a LIFE SIZE PAC-MAN GAME! Which has something to do with beer!

    Why Pac-Man? According to the Don Draper of Energy BBDO, the agency that made the ad, Pac-Man’s “retro aspect…was really powerful for our audience — the millennial audience.”

    Basically, if you’re a 23-year-old, Bud Light wants you to think, “Wow! A game that my dad might have played at one of those old-school ‘arcade malls’ — let me drink that low-alcohol wheat water!”

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