SNL’s Patriots Sketch Says ‘Balls’ Way Less Than Actual Press Conference

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    We’re all pretty sick of Deflategate by now, aren’t we? Can’t we all just agree that the Patriots deflate balls and the Seahawks hold on every play and this will be a Super Bowl between the two most evil, cheating teams which Seattle will probably win 38-13 anyway?

    Not quite. Saturday Night Live had to take a stab at it first. Beck Bennett plays Bill Belichick and Taran Killam plays Tom Brady in this press conference parody that features the word “balls” WAY less than in the actual press conferences. The sketch ends with a reveal that mirrors the end of A Few Good Men to a tee.

    Like this and want more SNL? Hey, there must be a few of you out there at least. Here are the other big sketches from this weekend.

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