Tom DeLonge Leaves Blink-182 Indefinitely (Again)

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  • UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: Tom DeLonge has posted on his Facebook page about the split from Blink-182. He says he did not quit, but told his bandmates that he had other artistic endeavors that prevented him from committing to an aggressive timeline for releasing a new album.

  • UPDATE UPDATE: In an interview with Rolling Stone, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker reiterate that DeLonge is not in the band, despite the fact that he didn’t quit. Basically, they’re saying he got fired for not showing up and generally not giving a shit.

  • UPDATE: Tom DeLonge says on Facebook that he has not quit Blink-182.

    We don’t know what to believe, but if what they wanted is press, it’s working. I haven’t thought this much about Blink-182 since 1999.

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  • In a move that was actually communicated to the other band members via his manager in an email before they were about to start recording a new album, Tom DeLonge, the pop-punk deadbeat dad that we never asked for, has left “…any blink-82 projects indefinitely.”

    This is the second time DeLonge has left blink-182, the first time being in 2005 when his departure broke the band up for about 4 years. They released another album in 2011.

    DeLonge will apparently be working on his “non-musical endeavors,” leaving Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus to figure out their scheduled festival appearances, including the Musink Festival, put on by Travis Barker himself.

    They’ve brought on Matt Skiba from the Alkaline Trio to replace DeLonge in the meantime.

    Even though Tom DeLonge’s voice is incredibly unique and a staple of the blink-182 sound, who knows, maybe Matt Skiba can actually play guitar beyond a year-2 level and sing on key!

    But no, seriously, go to 22:50 in the video below to watch a live version of Dammit recorded just a few months ago. Do you know how many times they’ve played that song? It should be muscle memory by now.

    I’ve heard middle school kids do a better job of playing that song live since the late 90s.

  • So this may be good news! Who knows, maybe a new addition to the band will make their live shows seem less like this.

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