Adam Pally & Ben Schwartz Did Maybe The Weirdest Late Night Episode Ever

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    The Late Late Show. It’s on after Letterman. Craig Ferguson is gone. James Corden doesn’t start as the new host until March 23. What does CBS do until then? The answer: two months of guest hosts. And they clearly COULD NOT GIVE A FART about what those guest hosts do with their time.

    Which brings us to the episode of January 30, hosted by actor/comedian Adam Pally, with Ben Schwartz as his second banana. The intentionally awkward, frequently hilarious episode was shot in the CBS This Morning studio, with no live audience, laughter only emanating from camera operators and production assistants, most of whom probably think of Pally and Schwartz as comedy gods and think, “my goodness, I would LOVE to host one episode of a late night show to which CBS is barely paying attention.”

    The first 10 minutes is just Pally and Schwartz generally dicking around, letting tangents take them where they will, ultimately leading Pally to do an impression of Regis Philbin, if he was playing the Nicolas Cage role in 2008’s Bangkok Dangerous.

    Then they really get down to business. The first guest is Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett, who does his best fielding Pally’s question: Is Jay Cutler just a super putz or what?

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    Schwartz wrote on his website about the experience, and how genuinely happy it makes him that the episode is getting some views online.

    What came next was part talk show, part chaos, part improv but mostly two friends hanging out not quite realizing any of it was actually going to air on television. The episode has been making its way around the internet and I love how much everyone is connecting to how weird and absurd it was but what I’m most proud of is the send off of the episode. The last ten seconds is probably the only thing that made sense.

    Here’s that sign off:

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    You owe it to yourself to watch the whole thing. You can also watch all the other guest hosting segments here. Who knows, maybe there’s another hidden gem we haven’t found yet?

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