Barden Bellas Fall In New “Pitch Perfect 2” Trailer

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  • Pitch Perfect 2 – Official Trailer 2 (HD)

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    Stop everything. There’s a new Pitch Perfect 2 trailer out and I’m all about it. It actually kind of makes me wish that they went ahead and made the first movie with an R rating, so we could get an even more outrageous sequel. Why would the first movie get an R rating, you ask? It was mild enough, right? Well, some of the deleted scenes include those that would have pushed the original movie beyond a PG-13 rating. Including a scene where the Bellas and Treble Makers are trying to pass time on the bus by harmonizing to the phrases “you can suck my balls” and “you can lick my ass.” If you haven’t seen this deleted scenes, you should really buy or borrow yourself a copy of the DVD or Blu Ray.

    Okay, enough rambling about the first movie – why does this new trailer have me so excited about the sequel? For one, we get much more of the story than we did with their first trailer. Also, more of YouTube’s own Flula Borg is featured in this trailer! Turns out he has a much bigger role than we thought. In the first trailer, it looked like the girl in Das Sound Machine was the group’s frontman. However, in this trailer, it looks like Flula is actually leading the pack! I also love that the movie’s writer, Kay Cannon (she was also a writer on 30 Rock and New Girl) was featured in this trailer after Rebel Wilson’s blunder from down under.

    Can you tell that I’m excited for this movie?

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  • I may or may not have watched Pitch Perfect upwards of 7 times in the theaters, and dragged many people with me. At this point, I might know more Pitch Perfect trivia than Elizabeth Banks (executive producer on the first film, director of the sequel, and the hilarious commentator Gail in both) herself. Basically, once I get started talking about Pitch Perfect, I can FEEL all the eyes rolling around me.

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  • Also, I’m adding a last irrelevant sidenote and GIF…BECAUSE I CAN. Someone tried to tell me that I don’t know who Anna Kendrick is the other day, while live tweeting the GRAMMYs they told me that I had mistaken her for Jennifer Lawrence.

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  • I probably know enough about her, that it’s potentially dangerous for AK47’s health (AK47, by the way – not what her “besties” call her. But a nickname given to her by Nick D’Agosto on the set of ‘Rocket Science’ [which is the movie you should really watch to understand her ‘Up In The Air’ Oscar nomination] NYLON Magazine, I’M CALLING YOU OUT.)

    Have I convinced you that I’m crazy yet?

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