Someone Who Brings Comedy To Being Single | #WebCrushWednesday

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  • Season 2 – Episode 1 – Catching Up

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    Yes, it’s been a while since I posted a Web Crush Wednesday here on What’s Trending. Towards the end of 2014, I was scrambling for a worthy first WCW of 2015. When I heard that “I Hate Being Single” was coming back for its second season in early February, I decided to wait. So, here we are. Six weeks into the new year, and we finally have our first Web Crush Wednesday – which I think is well worth any wait.

    “I Hate Being Single” is one of my absolute favorite web series, created by one of my absolute favorite YouTubers – Rob Michael Hugel. I love this web series because it’s smart. There a big laughs, and there are also a few smaller laughs that you kind of have to “work” for. Jokes that make you think, are my favorite.

    Also, “I Hate Being Single” is such a sort of celebration of being single. If you haven’t seen the first season, I’ll post the first episode below. That way, you can get to know Rob’s character and find out why I love this web series. Rob i such a relatable character, in that he has such a fascination with being in a relationship – but ventures into different realms of the single life.

  • That’s Love – Episode 1 – I Hate Being Single

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    After you’re done watching through the first season of IHBS, you can get to know the real Rob more by watching his vlogs. Which happen to be aptly titled “The Real Rob.”

  • Youtuber Impressions! – The Real Rob

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    There you have it! Your first Web Crush Wednesday of 2015. I’m always excited to see what Rob will do next! I’m also excited for you all to see what online creators I have in store for Web Crush Wednesday this year!

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