This American Life Produces The Whitest, Twee-est Video I’ve Ever Seen

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    This American Life had their fill of trying to get a new trial for a possibly innocent man spending life in prison for murder, so now they’re onto even bigger problems: hipster love. I won’t pretend the above video isn’t sweet and even, at times, touching, but it’s high on the list of most annoyingly adorable vanilla digital videos of all time.

    Maia and Alex have been together for eight years. They even live together and share a bank account — but they’ve never said “I love you” to each other. So Maia contacted Bianca Giaever, who made this video, originally published on The New York Times website, through This American Life with m ss ng p eces. (GAAAHHHH The name of that company makes me want to PUNCH THROUGH A WALLLSGHKSDJHFKJSDNV,mndkv)

    They figure out the perfect plan and finally…she says it. And then the video ends. Yes, that’s right! You have to watch this follow up to see how Alex responds. It’s, no joke, six minutes of Maia and Alex watching the video together. Jump to 6:30 to see if he actually says it back, then go watch Greenberg or Submarine or The Squid and the Whale or whatever and then hang some outsider bronze art on the wall of your loft and then just fucking kill me.

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    Have a problem that’s white af? Email Bianca Giaever at [email protected].

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