Harry Styles. Sex. Images of nature superimposed over people's faces. It's all too much.
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    Just when Fifty Shades of Grey thought it stood a chance at being the most talked about erotica in the world for one day, Taylor Swift had to release the video for “Style.” What’s that sound? Oh, just thousands of women simultaneously melting into one big puddle of hormones.

    I have a lot of feeling about everything Taylor does, but I have, like, A LOT of feelings about this video. In no particular order:

    1) THE NECKLACE. If you’re just tuning in, the silver pendant Taylor’s holding at the beginning of the video– the paper airplane that almost resembles a heart– first became famous when Harry Styles used to wear it pretty much constantly. Right at the time when people were starting to suspect that the two of them were romantically linked, Taylor was spotted with it around her neck. This necklace is also heavily featured in “Out of the Woods,” a song that might as well be called “THIS ONE IS ABOUT HARRY.” Your necklace hanging from my neck… two paper airplanes flying, flying, flying…

    2) THE SEX. When he’s not taking his shirt off, she’s busy running her hands over his bare male nipples, rubbing her thighs sensuously, and tilting her head back while smoke creeps up her neck. Taylor may not talk explicitly about her sex life, but she loves to let us know that she’s doing okay. Have you listened to the bridge from “Treacherous” lately? She’s getting plenty.

    3) THE EYES. Harry, as anyone who’s listened to 1989 can tell you, has green eyes. This model dude (Sarah Hyland’s boyfriend!) has one brown and one blue. That’s like some college poetry class level symbolism.

    4) THE CLOTHES. I want to get married in every single thing she’s wearing. So much lace. So much white. So much sex appeal. It’s really fitting that this video came out on the same day as her joint Vogue cover shoot with Karlie Kloss, because our girl is a straight up model now. Remember how she used to be our lovable dorky friend who always looked like a gazelle with one wounded leg? She’s now a wounded gazelle who looks really badass in Prada.

    5) So, like, are we supposed to believe that she wears red lipstick to bed? I mean… I wouldn’t be that surprised.