John Travolta Explains His Weirdness on Jimmy Kimmel

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  • A few hours after his second Oscars flub involving Idina Menzel (check out the full video of him getting very grabby with her face here), John Travolta went on Jimmy Kimmel (the show, not the guy, I feel that at this point it’s very important that you know it’s not the guy) and explained himself, once and for all, for last year’s “Adele Dazeem” thing.

    But he did it in the weirdest way possible. If you the Kimmel clip, it’s just a normal post-Oscar interview with John Travolta and his pet hair piece, when all of a sudden he starts explainogizing for touching Idina Menzel’s chin “too much.” Given that there’s no appropriate amount of time to a grown-ass woman’s chin, let alone an acquaintance in front of an audience of millions, for a full nine f*cking seconds, he really had nowhere to go but up from there, right?


    He proceeds to tell a dubious story, labeled “the truth,” about an ABC page that was supposed to get him his script for his Oscars segment who got stuck in an elevator all of a sudden. He was given a “replacement page” who didn’t have all the right information and had the name spelled phonetically for him on cards. Then when he saw the real spelling of the name on the teleprompter his brain became liquid and letters just sleep-vomited out of his mouth.

    That’s fine, but the reason he was distracted was because, in 2014, he was talking to Goldie Hawn, by whom he was starstruck (in 2014). The thirsty way he describes her is probably the worst part.

    He uses the word “sexy” for no reason, then motions that she has these lips and this whole thing “going on” and tells us that he was busy “loving up on her.”

    Before that he also touches Jimmy for just a little too long, letting you know that he just has really weird, detached social boundaries.

    I can only imagine it was a non-televised hostage-situation version of what we saw Idina Menzel put up with in front of millions of people, but this explanation kind of made him look even creepier.

    ON TOP OF THAT he then takes credit for Idina Menzel’s “career-making” year last year.

    I have to join the internet on this one on not being able to even with this.

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