Internet Debates The Color of a Dress, Proving We’re Out of Stuff to Talk About

By Lon Harris
All of social media has inevitably descended into Color Wars
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    Buzzfeed swears they have found a woman who actually saw the dress in person, Caitlin McNeill, and she swears it’s blue and black! So… okay, everybody! Good day on the Internet, with the llamas and then this thing. You’ve earned that ice cream, DVR’ed episode of “The Mentalist” and 7 hours of sleep.

    Wired agrees that the dress is definitely blue, and explains that, because the lighting in the photo is indistinct – hitting our retinas in a way that suggests it’s actually between two colors – our brains compensate and make up the difference, and sometimes they do that in different ways. So the same photo looks like it’s different colors to different people.

    See? Science helps us out once again. Those Noah’s Ark Museum guys aren’t always right after all.


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    She says Blue and Black. Also, this received a full article’s worth of coverage on! Because there is nothing else going on in the world, apparently!

  • White gold blue black dress

    So uh… see that dress up there? What color do you figure it is? Blue, maybe? White? Gold? Well, if you’re anything like millions of people on the Internet, you can’t tell, but also feel like arguing about it with strangers.

    It all started over on the World Wide Web’s own personal autism spectrum, Tumblr. Blogger “Swiked” posted the above photo, asking “Is this dress white and gold or blue and black. Me and my friends can’t agree and we are freaking the fuck out.”

    To start with something on which we can all agree: This is a very very good reason to freak the fuck out.

    As for the second question, the dress color, the Internet and all of its collected users have been having a lot more trouble, and the debate is raging on via Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and probably a lot of other awesome social networks that they don’t tell 36 year old dudes with beards about.

    It clearly looks blue to me, though. So… uh… there.

    It’s become such a big deal, Buzzfeed has already posted a quiz!

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    Jaden Smith is tweeting about it, and he’s not even giving context as to what he’s talking about! LOOK AT HOW IT’S DOMINATING AMERICA’S NATIONAL TWITTER TRENDS!

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    So why is this such a big deal? Why has a simple debate about the color of a dress sparked such fervent, overblown debate? It couldn’t just be that color itself is just reflected light, that colors in a photograph could be muddled by the angle at which the photo was taken and the amount and direction of light in the room at the time, and we’re all just arguing this on Twitter endlessly because everyone is empty inside and therefore desperate for attention, broadcasting any and all opinions, no matter how incidental or meaningless. No, it must be that this is VERY important. Even CNN thinks so!

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    And they would know.

    Here’s some more of our favorite Dress Tweets and Reactions.

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