The Best Worst ‘Date Night’ Ad We’ve Ever Seen

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  • Halifax, Nova Scotia may not be on your radar when you think of romantic getaways. The Downtown Halifax Business Commission is here to change that, with this bizarre ad that will put you in the mood for love. Or the mood for… something.

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  • Just in case you were confused, this video isn’t some long-lost VHS tape. This was made in 2015. Though you wouldn’t know it from the grainy video, cheesy sound effects, and painfully dated color scheme.

    And of course, the cream of Halifax’s dating crop aren’t exactly selling us either.

    But we think that’s the point. The ad’s tag is “‘Who’ is the Hardest Part” — something anyone with enough dating experience can agree with. So kudos to Downtown Halifax for making the weirdest dating ad we’ve ever seen.

    (For the record, these are Canadian actors in the video. Regular folks in Halifax aren’t all this strange.)

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