What Getting Shot Out of a Cannon Looks Like

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  • They call her “The Jet.” At 25, Gemma Kirby is the youngest female human cannonball in the world. What’s it like to soar over 100 feet in the air from the barrel of a cannon? This video comes as close as we can get to experiencing this circus showstopper.

    Some of the jawdropping stats from the video: Gemma flies 40 feet in the air, experiencing the same G-force as astronauts reentering Earth’s atmosphere. She’s been shot out of a cannon for Ringling Bros. newest travelling show, Circus Xtreme, over 500 times, but speaking with The Boston Herald, she said, “Every single time is a risk. Every single time is a bit of a mystery.”

    It looks super cool and/or terrifying. But thanks to Gemma Kirby for strapping on a Go Pro camera and taking us where we’ve never gone before.

    (h/t Mashable)

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