‘Empire’ Adds a White Guy in ‘SNL’ Spoof

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  • FOX’s ‘Empire’ is a smash hit and a ratings juggernaut. The high-gloss drama of a family-based music is recording gonzo ratings every week. But you know what the show needs to really become an institution? Something for white people.

    Chris Hemsworth is happy to oblige in this skit from ‘Saturday Night Live.’ As mild-mannered Chip, the new office manager, Hemsworth plays the token majority at Empire Records. He fits right in! (No, of course he doesn’t. Chip could never stand up to queen bee Cookie Lyon.)

    Hemsworth, best known for playing ‘Thor’, aka the whitest comic book hero, plays the push-over roll surprisingly well. But when you’re thrown into the shark tank of the Lyon family, there’s not much else you can expect.

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