Yikes! “St. Fratty’s Day” Party Causes Roof Collapse

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  • Roofcollapse

    Source: San Luis Obispo Police Department

  • This is not how you want a party to end. About 30 or 40 partying college students were standing on top of a garage in San Luis Obispo, Calif. when the roof collapse, injuring dozens of party-goers.

    The injured were among the “several thousand” people that had gathered near the Cal Poly San Luis Opisbo campus for some St. Patrick’s Day pre-partying. The self proclaimed “St. Fratty’s Day” party started early — the San Luis Obispo Police Department reported receiving noise complaints as early as 4:45 AM. By 6 AM, things got ugly.

  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • Incredibly, only one serious injury was reported.

    Look, getting drunk on early weekend mornings is the right of every college student. Bad decisions are what college is for! (Also learning who you are as a person, maturing into adulthood, exploring your path in life, etc.) But roofs are clearly not meant for this. If you simply must party at six in the morning (!) before what will presumably be a day of heavy drinking, stay on the ground next time.

  • Source: SLO Fire Department / Via: twitter.com

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