Burnie Burns FANBOYS Over Walking Dead Producers

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  • The Walking Dead creators Robert Kirkman and David Alpert stopped by What’s Trending to get fanboyed by Burnie Burns. The hit show’s producer take about the expanded Walking Dead universe, and how each piece of the universe is its own unique experience from the show. Even more, the producers talk about a potential WALKING DEAD MOVIE! Are they going to put the wheels in motion for a Walking Dead movie to go into production?

    Burnie Burns was on hand with our own Shira Lazar to hear all the latest from “The Walking Dead” producers.

    “It’s cool. Every form of ‘The Walking Dead’ provides its own unique experience,” Kirkman said. “You get your own set of characters, your own locations, your own separate adventures.”

    “We try not to look at different media as licensing,” Alpert added. “We look at it as an expansion of the universe.”

    Speaking of expansion, what about that Walking Dead movie?

    “We’re very happy to have a successful TV show, very thanksful,” Kirkman said. “I think movies are neat, but I don’t think there are any real plans to do that right now.”

    He added that everyone involved was “aware that might be a possibility someday.”

    “Does anybody want a Walking Dead movie?” Alpert asked. “If people tell us that they love it maybe they can start a hashtag #walkingdeadmovie.”

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