Billy Crystal and Josh Gad Improv an SNL Classic

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  • Billy Cystal, Josh Gad, Ben Wexler and Matt Nix come onto the Whats Trending Samsung Blogger Lounge with Shira Lazar’s hoarse, but charming voice and promote The Comedians and not only do we get a taste of the show itself, but we get an exclusive improv from a comedy legend.

    Josh Gad, who you might know from Book of Mormon, the snowman from Frozen or one of the other million successful projects he’s been a part of, not only tells his hero and now co-worker why he’s so thankful to be a part of this project, but he gets intimate with Billy Crystal on the show, turning to him and looking him in the eye for a full minute.

    “Every day is a masterclass in comedy. I’m getting to do sketch comedy with a king of that craft,” says Josh gad to our hosts Shira Lazar and Lon Harris.

    Beyond that, Crystal reprises his famous SNL character and interviews Josh Gad in the style of one of the most memorable roles in sketch comedy history. Check out the clip for the full interview, where Crystal even says the classic catchphrase “you always look marvelous.”

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