“Wrestling Isn’t Real” is Possibly the Truest Love Letter to the Sport

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    When I was a wee baby child, I had a vinyl tent that I would set up on top of my bed that had Hulk Hogan on one side and The Ultimate Warrior on the other. I played as these characters against my friends while ruining bed springs, as my toys while breaking plastic bought by my mom’s hard-earned cash and in my imagination when I was supposed to be doing homework.

    This new short by Max Landis captures the nuances, the adventure and the spectacle that goes along with being a fan of wrestling in just under 25 minutes.

    Yes, 25 minutes is basically your whole lunch break, but even if you didn’t grow up wanting to know what a real-life turn buckle felt like, this is a short that will explain to you why your little brothers, boyfriends and husbands love wrestling so much. There’s a hidden melodrama to it that is actually the forefront of the brand and the franchise itself.

    Your boyfriend isn’t watching two half-naked dudes slam against each other, no, it’s gayer than that. He’s watching soap operas. And that’s f*cking amazing.

    Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling isn’t a rant. It’s a story about a character. And it explains exactly why the most under-appreciated, yet millions-strong audience wielding medium in entertainment is as huge as it is.

    Give a try and see what you think. There are some really fun cameos in there from the likes of McCauley Culkin, Seth Green, Haley Joel Osment and more.

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