Tyler Oakley is on TV, but his heart is still #TeamInternet

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    Tyler Oakley sat down with Shira Lazar and the What’s Trending team to talk about his upcoming tours, his giant fundraising project, and being an Internet sensation.

    As Shira reminded Oakley as he sat down, he is “the new TV star.” But, Oakley considers himself “a new type of entertainer.” He believes that whatever the “next step” is for YouTubers, it won’t be moving to television or moving to film, but adding other types of media to a continuing YouTube channel.

    It’s a lot to take on, and that’s before even looking at Oakley’s incredible non-profit work. He has been a tireless campaigner for LGBT youth and has been a major supporter of The Trevor Project, a crisis prevention and intervention group.

    He’s also embraced his move into podcasting, where he’ll have more time to explore a topic in-depth, instead of a five-minute video. Oakley’s podcast, Psychobabble, co-hosted with friend Korey Kuhl, is available on iTunes.

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