CNN Now Makes “Too Many Cooks” Parodies Too

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    That’s right, YouTube content creators. There’s a new player in the “Timely Mashup of a News Thing and an Internet Meme” game. It’s a little outfit from Atlanta, Georgia. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s called CNN.

    The one-time Cable News Network dropped a politically-themed parody of the Adult Swim short “Too Many Cooks,” which went viral back in November of last year. Or, in Internet time, approximately 12,000 eons ago, so I’m just assuming no one even remembers it exists. Here’s a look back.

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    Ah, Smarf. Those were the days.

    Anyway, CNN’s version consists of the familiar theme music and classic ’90s-style opening credits, but with all the various 2016 presidential hopefuls instead of family members, Steve from Corporate and, eventually, cannibal killers. Much like the original “Too Many Cooks,” all logic eventually goes out the window, and CNN begins listing highly unlikely future candidates, like White House adviser David Axelrod, former First Lady Laura Bush and iconic investor George Soros.

    Clocking in at a robust 6 minutes and 23 seconds, you definitely do have to admire their commitment to this bit, even at the potential cost of any lasting shreds of credibility and integrity.

    What? Forget I said that. FUNNY VIDEO WATCH NOW!

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