Somehow “Everything Wrong with ‘Finding Nemo'” is Not Zero Seconds Long

Because nothing is wrong with this movie.
By Bailey Johnson
  • Cinema Sins, you’re great. The “Everything Wrong With…” series has been going on for years, and the videos are uniformly excellent. But you have gone too far, sir! “Finding Nemo” is a classic! We can only assume that clicking play on the video “Everything Wrong with ‘Finding Nemo'” will bring up a sign saying, “Nothing is wrong with this beautiful timeless movie.”

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  • How dare you let “facts” about clownfish confuse the narrative. Sure, maybe Disney sort of glossed over that clownfish don’t live in single husband-wife couples. Maybe it’s a little odd that fish — but only some fish — can read human writing. And, okay, maybe whales don’t have uvulas. But still!