This is the World’s Slowest Chase

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  • In the high stakes world of tortoise mating, speed is of the essence. Pause to catch your breath, and it might be the last breath you ever take. It’s all about high-octane, white-knuckle thrill seekers pushing themselves to the limit. And if you cross a tortoise, you better be ready to put the pedal to the metal. Unless you want to end up like this guy.

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  • Oh wait, tortoise mating? Yeah, you’re fine. As National Geographic host Paul Rose discovered while on an expedition to the Seychelles Islands, tortoises will get upset if you interrupt their mating. They will chase you down. And they will move as fast as their stubby little legs will carry them — about the same speed as a human moving backwards.

    Still, you don’t want to get caught by a rampaging tortoise. You’ll have only yourself to blame.

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