Ariana Grande Does a Killer Celine Dion on Fallon

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    Yes, this video feels like a den of lies when it starts because Ariana Grande says that it’s her first time ever talking on a talk show, when *Tim Curry Clue voice* in fact she was on Ellen not six months prior hiding in Ellen’s bush.

    I’m not kidding.

    There’s really a recurring segment on The Ellen Show where there’s someone hiding in Ellen’s “bushes” and they talk about it a whole lot. Nobody has said anything yet…

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    So yeah that was her fully talking, as herself, on Ellen. In Ellen’s bush. I don’t. I can’t even.

    Anyway, it was kind of a weird move, but other than that she does a Celine Dion impression which is SPOT ON and delights the hell out of Jimmy Fallon and everyone else in the audience with it. She’s really weirdly shy for someone so hugely famous, and it doesn’t come of as disingenuous, it’s actually quite charming to see someone that famous that nervous all the time.

    What a sweet-seeming person.

    Anyway, here she is talking on a bunch of other talk shows…

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