The Brave People in the Armed Forces Play Some Pranks on Each Other

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    In a video that makes it seem even more terrifying to be in the military, you’ve really gotta hand it to our boys in green for keeping it lighthearted while still defending our country.

    In a refreshingly positive start to the week, there’s this video you should watch called “Don’t Fall Asleep in the Military,” chronicling the various misadventures of people in the armed forces playing pranks on unsuspecting soldiers trying to catch some shut-eye.

    Everything from horrifyingly huge spiders, to the classic shaving cream and also talcum powder, these guys pull out all the stops in this fun video to make sure that everyone feels like they’re on an episode of Jackass, which makes perfect sense because of the amount of death-defying stuff they’re expected to do on a daily basis.

    The best part is how authentic all these videos are. You can really see the whole “oh my god are you kidding me” in people’s eyes when they’re trying to squeeze in a human amount of cumulative sleep. You can’t fake that look. Well done, gentlemen and gentleladies.

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