Awesome Star Wars Animation Will Have You Rooting for the Empire

"TIE Fighter" is a crazy mash up of Star Wars and an 80's anime style
By Bailey Johnson
  • Take the action of your typical star fight, kick it into high gear with some classic 80’s anima style, and what do you get? This awesome animated short that totally has us rooting for TIE fighters. This Star Wars video puts you in the cockpit of the Empire’s best, fighting off some rebel scum. Check it out!

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  • Animator Paul Johnson is the brains behind this action-packed space battle. As he puts it in the video description: “What if there was an Empire-focussed short Star Wars animation, drawn with the crazy detail and shading of classic 80s anime that’s all but vanished from Japan nowadays?

    Well, I tried my best. Apologies in advance for not living up to Venus Wars standards.

    Drawn and animated by yours truly over 4 years’ worth of weekends, with music by the living guitar solo Zak Rahman and sound design by up and coming audio technician Joseph Leyva. Fans of Lucasarts’ seminal 1994 TIE Fighter game may notice a few familiar sights and sounds. That “incoming missile” noise gives me horrible flashbacks to this day…”

    Awesome sound, awesome animation, awesome mix of classic Star Wars and classic anime. This video has it all.