Watch This Awful Taco Bell “Film” and Then Ruthlessly Mock it

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  • “Fast food chain serves breakfast” is not a super exciting story. “Fast food chain saves us from soviet dictators in clown makeup” is… better?

    Or not.

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  • We try to stay away from #branded #content here at WT, but some videos are too bad to pass up. What is even going on here!? Pasty-faced soldiers, a pudgy dictator, some boilerplate “1984” style propaganda. All to enforce the tyranny of… breakfast selections. And then our “heroes” escape to some sort of medieval hipster village which is apparently Taco Bell Land. (Which, not to nitpick or anything, seems to only be serving one kind of breakfast.)

    Sure, a dystopian future where people are forced to eat McMuffins all day sounds rough. But if you’re solution is to eat the same thing — flour, cheese, meat product, sauce — in a different shape, you’re not exactly Katniss Everdeen.

    It’s been a banner week for tone-deaf corporate marketing. Remember when Starbucks was going to solve racism? That was stupid. But at least it’s an actual problem. But this? This is just an excuse to put desperate actors in clown-face and misappropriate a Ramones song.

    Also, who lines their Berlin Wall with a ball pit? Gah! So bad! We have to stop. Please let us know your “favorite” part of this nonsense “film” in the comments.

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