New Video Asks: Do You REALLY Know Where Scandinavia is?

Pop quiz, hot shot
By Bailey Johnson
  • Ah, Scandinavia. Land of vikings and blondes and IKEA and a surprisingly large amount of pop music. Seems like a wonderful place, but where is Scandinavia exactly?

    The answer may surprise you! Or it may not. It depends how much you like to nerd out about geography. But you already clicked on this post, right? So you’re at least a little curious.

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  • The master of infotainment, CGP Grey, is here to break it down. Like all his videos, this helpful guide to the whereabouts of Scandinavia is full of interesting facts, clever asides, and useful information. Also, in true CGP Grey fashion, it’s full of less useful information too. Like the fact that “fennoscandia” is a thing.