An Artist Whose Bright Future Is Anything But Imaginary | #WebCrushWednesday

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  • To say I’m excited about this week’s #WebCrushWednesday, is a huge under statement. I’m incredibly excited to let our readers know about Imaginary Future. I’m excited because the likelihood that you’ve heard his music or have seen him in a YouTube video is probably higher than you would think and you just don’t recognize him, and because I just know that he’s going to be someone that’s on everyone’s radar in the hopefully very near future.

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    I feel like most people, including many that I know, have found Imaginary Future (formerly Imaginary Friend, legally Jesse Epstein) through one of YouTube’s “original” musicians and his wife – Kina Grannis. For a while, I thought I had too because Kina is just one of my favorite people on this planet. But after his first appearance on Kina’s channel, I realized that I had recognized him from the video above. Because my pre 2011 self was not super into Twitter, aside from interacting with people I actually knew. So I never followed along enough to connect the two musicians together, and I vividly remember watching every “Fly Me To The Moon” cover under the sun and Jesse’s stood out as one of my favorites.

    Since then, Jesse has been one of my favorite artists. He and Kina don’t only share their musical talents – they also have pretty unique videos. (If you haven’t seen either of Kina’s “Valentine” or “In Your Arms” music videos by now, I’m not convinced that you’ve ever used the internet before today.)

    Check out Jesse’s music video for “April,” who knew that you could be so emotionally attached to salt shakers, am I right?

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  • I chose Jesse as my Web Crush today because he actually released a brand new album just yesterday! Bias aside, it’s an incredible album. Jesse has shown his somber song prowess for essentially the entirety of his musical career thus far, and Sunlight could not be more of a change. A very welcome change at that. Also, if the story behind Sunlight does not make you want to give this album a try, I’m just going to go ahead and assume that you’re the kind of person who hates puppies too.

    Here’s a bit about what my new album, Sunlight, means to me.

    In August of 2013, I married my high school sweetheart of eleven years, Kina Grannis.

    Up until this point, I had written a bunch of sad, slow songs. But something changed. The wedding was the culmination of so many years, an exhilarating marker of happiness and progress. In the months surrounding the occasion, I reflected on how far Kina and I had come. She had shaped me. She had changed me. She had pushed me to become a better person every day. I owed everything to her and I needed to express that.

    And thus came Sunlight, my new album, a love letter to my new wife. I had barely written a happy song in my life, and here, all of a sudden, was an album of pure joy. Eleven love songs, one for each year of our relationship.

  • Do yourself a favor and listen to the new imaginary Future album, I have a feeling you won’t regret it.

    P.S. My condolences to boyfriends everywhere that found this post by way of a girlfriend, post reading what Jesse had to say about Sunlight. Not everyone can be on this high a level of #RelationshipGoals.

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