Cate Blanchett Talks Vodka, Sex Positions, Cats on Leashes in Best Interview Ever

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  • “This date is not going well,” Cate Blanchett says early on in this interview with Australia’s Jonathan Hyla on The Project. You may think that seems like an odd thing to say during an interview that, at least nominally, was about the new live-action “Cinderella” film. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg of one of the most awkward, so-bad-it’s-good interviews you’ll see all day.

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  • It gets pretty weird. Blanchett seems like she’s at least partially playing along with Hyla’s incredibly inappropriate questions. And the fact that they’re talking vodka, dating and sex during an interview that’s supposed to be about a children’s movie makes it so much better. Has there ever been a better response to an interview question than Blanchett’s incredulous, “That’s your f***ing question?”

    Hyla, for his part, seems to be taking it in good fun. Calling it the “best worst interview I’ve ever done” on Instagram.

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