Grace Helbig Played “Would You Rather” on The Tonight Show

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    The internet’s own Grace Helbig went on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote The Grace Helbig Show, premiering next week on E! Oh, and Mitt Romney was there. That’s less exciting, though.

  • The Romney bit featured the former presidential hopeful talking to “himself” in the mirror (Jimmy Fallon, playing Mitt Romney.) It was funny and you can watch the whole thing here.

    But back to Grace. Since announcing her new television series, Helbig has been making the old-media rounds. Speaking with Fallon, she describes her new show as, “A curious introvert’s night time talk show.”

    But then it was on to “Would You Rather” where the Internet star revealed she would rather fight a small group of old people than a mob of young kids. And she would rather live in a world without electricity than a world without dogs. Because she’s Grace Helbig and she’s the best and we here at What’s Trending a so excited that #TeamInternet is taking over television now!

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