Could Easy Cheese Be The Next Step In 3D Printing Technology

Early experiments suggest....maybe?
By Whatstrending
  • Easy Cheese 3D Printer: Initial Testing

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    Andrew Maxwell-Parish clearly had a lot of time on his hands this weekend. Instead of using his 3D printer to make something useful, like a paperweight or bong, he wondered what he could accomplish with a can of Easy Cheese, instead.

    Easy Cheese, of course, is a processed product distributed by Mondelēz International, made primarily of whey protein concentrate and various phosphates, and definitely never used to construct complex tools.

    Check out the experiments above, and then be reminded of this classic Mitch Hedberg bit, which may be Easy Cheese’s finest hour.

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    Mr. Maxwell-Parish, why not set your sights on something more attainable, and ultimately more useful for humanity? A glow-in-the-dark Easy Cheese. The world is waiting.