Trevor Noah Replaces Jon Stewart as Host of The Daily Show

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  • The piece of news that the Internet, the comedy community and pretty much the entire political news sphere has been anticipating is finally here. We have a new host for The Daily Show. This guy will not only replace Jon Stewart as the show’s host, but will see us through the next election, an incredible amount of human tragedy and hopefully just as many if not more laughs than Jon Stewart is able to deliver.

    His comedy is very observational and includes a lot of topical, sociological and observational humor from an international point of view.

    Being from South Africa, a lot of his jokes refer to his fascination with Americans and the incongruencies that go along with being intelligent and seeing how the people of the United States actually act when confronted with just about anything.

    Here’s a set of his on flying into the US during the Ebola scare.

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  • And here’s a 2013 set about growing up in South Africa.

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  • So he’s pretty funny and seems to have a great perspective that will really help set him as a different, unique voice of satirical political and topical comedy.

    What we’re losing is the whole dissenting American making fun of America thing, some people might discredit him as not having grown up here, so not having perspective on the US, therefore not having as much weigh as Stewart.

    Instead of a voice of dissent, we will have another voice of criticism.

    But hey, it’s worked for John Oliver.

    And Jon Stewart was also forever the straight man in every bit, and by the looks of it Trevor Noah will definitely be able to pull that off. Noah’s dramatically different voice and perspective will be an awesome new device that the writers should have a lot of fun with.

    As a big fan of comedy, and of The Daily Show, my only concern, really, is regarding Trevor Noah’s impulse, ability or desire to tell a fart joke. Jon Stewart was never afraid to go childish with his humor, so I may miss that a bit from the host, but who knows, maybe Noah has a lower brow approach to things. And maybe if he does end up being “too serious” the correspondents will carry the rest of the weight.

    So here’s to looking forward to a new Daily Show host and a new way for people to ingest dense, hard to follow, otherwise kind of drab political news, with a new face.

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