Everybody Loves Making Fun of Iggy Azalea

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  • So this one time Iggy Azalea decided to do some freestyle rap for her fans that had absolutely no grounds on language. Sure, it’s probably her doing her own version of the micromachines guy, or her take on trying to keep up with legends like Busta Rhymes, Twista or even Eminem, but the whole thing those guys have goin for them is that you can understand at least a few words here and there.

    I mean, I admit that I’ve never really heard Iggy Azalea rap before. I know her songs, but all I’ve ever really heard her do is that killer Nicki Minaj impression she pulls off in all of them.

    The Internet then decided to ridicule her for this performance endlessly, which is really my favorite thing that the Internet does.

    So here are some amazing reactions to the above freestyle rap, starting with my favorite one (that hit the front page of Reddit today).

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  • And because I love saving you time and trouble, here’s a Vine compilation with some of the best Vine reactions to the most ridiculous part of her performance.

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  • Oh and here’s a fun video of bunch of random people on YouTube matching Busta Rhymes while still speaking English.

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